Panjim City & Heritage Walk

The beautiful capital city of Panjim is a city of firsts – It is the only city in the country that has stepped streets, the only city in India with a 7 kilometre-long promenade, the first city in India to be built on a planned grid system and the only city to be so user-friendly. With the strongest Portuguese influence in whole of Goa, the beautiful city sits on the mouth of the Mandovi river – visit the place for trying out pleasure hiking, savouring the delicious food, interacting with the local people who are the real Goans and for just enjoying the peace and calm of the place. The main tourist draws are colourful villas, cobbled streets and interesting buildings, apart from pretty paddy fields in the area around Panjim.

Taking a little over half an hour to reach Panaji from Chorao, some of the tourist hot spots are Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and Goa State Museum. To let people know about the culture and the heritage of the city, heritage walks are organised by the hotel Panjim Inn , starting from Tobacco Square and touching Sao Tome (the oldest ward in Panjim), Fontainhas (Panjim’s Latin quarters) and the Hindu Mala district culminating at Fonte Phoenix, along with experienced guides. Participate in one to experience the Panjim enigma – all about its grand history and people.

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