How to reach

Ferry Route:

Reaching the tiny but beautiful and culturally rich getaway “Chorao” with its sun-drenched and colourful old country houses is anything but a hassle…

Relish an out-of-the-world experience with the ferry ride that is available both from Ribandar village [close to Panjim city] and Pomburpa village [close to Mapusa], to soak up the essence of the old Goa. Taking as less as 9 minutes from Ribandar and 5 minutes from Pomburpa, the unique ride, with one sitting on the ferry with his cycle, bike or even a car, on the pristine river Mandovi turns out to be quite invigorating, with jaw-dropping sights to savour.

Road Route:

Apart from the free ferries at your service that are available round the clock, there are two connecting bridges as well for the ease of commuters & travellers to Chorao: The 1-year-old Calvim bridge connecting Chorao to Aldona village and 32-year-old Tikhazan bridge connecting Chorao to Bicholim city.

A village that has somehow still managed to retain its laid back old-world coastal charm despite being so close to Panjim, Old Goa and the beach circuit of North is attracting the creative people from all over to reinvent themselves and create their hideaways here. Its unique location makes it an ideal place to camp for exploring old Goa and Panjim with their old monumental buildings and heritage walks during the day or to enjoy the buzzing beach circuit at night, accessible within a comfortable duration of 20-45 minutes.

So embark today on a journey to the stunning Chorao and leave with memories for a lifetime…

How to reach - Ferry from Ribandar to Chorao

Activities on the island - Road in Chorao

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