Chorao starts with a C

Chorao starts with a C, as does the word Connectivity.The analogy was not so simple to draw few years before, as is now. The tranquil island of Chorao, spread in an area of 21 square kilometres, is the biggest of the total of 17 islands in Goa.

Well connected with all the hot spots of Goa, The pristine island can be accessed by ferries from Ribandar [close to Panjim] and Pomburpa [close to Mapusa], 2 beautiful villages with histories of their own.

With plenty of scenic views on the river Mandovi to savour with your eyes as the ferry takes you to your destination, 9 minutes from Ribandar and 5 minutes from Pomburpa to be precise, it is not an exaggeration to say the journey itself is as pleasing as the destination itself – it exudes passion in one.

Not only the free ferries, which are there at your service and available round the clock, there are 2 connecting bridges as well for the ease of commuters & travellers to Chorao:

The 32-year-old Tikhazan bridge connecting Chorao to Bicholim city and 1-year-old Calvim bridge connecting Chorao to Aldona village. Connectivity, in fact, is only one of the many highlights of Chorao.

Chorao Houses (3)
Chorao Houses (2)
Chorao Houses (5)

Bird Watching

Along the river Mandovi sits the paradise of the bird lovers – Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary – and the picturesque mangroves that are synonymous with the sanctuary are truly a treat to watch. Named after the great ornithologist, ‘the Birdman of India’, Dr Salim Ali, this treasure trove of nature’s bounty boasts of around 400 species of migratory and local birds.

Recently, to the delight of bird watchers, a watch-tower has recently been erected to catch the birds in their true elements, chirping or just taking flight.

There are winter visitors such as coots and pintails, apart from the usual resident birds. One unusual inhabitant of the sanctuary is the mudskipper - a mid-sized bulbous headed fish which is noted for its ability to climb, walk, and skip about out of water.

Needless to say, the sanctuary is one of the main draws of the beautiful island.

Bird watching
Bird Watching


Ilha Dos Fidalgos or the ‘island of Noblemen’ is what the Chorao of today was known as in its early days, when Portuguese noblemen used to live in the place. The place is inundated with stunning specimens, impressive in scale, with exquisite Portuguese architecture, of Old Goa: the whitewashed churches including the majestic Sao Bartholomew, along with old Portuguese houses that reek of the ancient times and dozens of Hindu temples…

There is no dearth of spots that can satiate the lovers of the bygone times and solace to the wandering travellers. In the island, there are quite a few churches, among which St Bartholomew Church and Our Lady of Grace Church are notable.

Basilica of Bom Jesus (1)a
Church of Saint Catherine b
Interior Basilica of Bom Jesus (2)c


One can cycle around with gay abandon, go hiking on various hillocks that are refreshing sights to see, watch the panoramic sights of stunning sunsets or just indulge in some yoga for a purer mind,

body and soul in your favorite spot Chorao is the place to be.



The peace and calm of the picturesque surroundings will provide the much-needed [and rare] quietude to read your favourite novel,

make the poet in you take the initial steps, write your own novel or just let you indulge in some deep introspection, Chorao is never short of options when it comes to offering quality time to its visitors.



Embark on a boat trip with your special one to rejuvenate the senses - the pretty river Mandovi gives enough inspiration to bring the out the photographer in you to produce clicks to die for –

It is just the apt place for people to bring out their creative side. Or unwind on a picnic with your loved ones -

There are spaces galore you can take your pick from to create memories of a lifetime.

Farm Near Saptkutashwar
Road Leading to Ferry Point and Old Goa-01
Vasco Da Gama Gate (2)


The Goan food reflects a rich influence of the Portuguese with a dash of south Indian flavour – the quintessential lunch of fish-curry-rice; the traditional cashew nut drink ‘feni’; the Mancurad mangoes, local white prawns –
The list is endless and enough to tantalise the taste buds of a ‘foodie’ in one. Get the glutton in you to savour the local delights to know the place better.


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